WiFi advertising API


WiMedia provides Wifi Advertising api that can be used by any individual or organization. All you need to have is just a simple unique identifier for your places and users. Our platform will dtermine which is the best to be shown in particular moment, in particular place to a particular user. The decision is firstly based on the targeting options that the advertisers have built in prior. For the cases where several ads can be shown based on all the targetings from all the advertisers, a machine learning based decision is made using deep learning algorithms.

General API integration instructions

1. The API provides a service url which takes 3 parameters:

1.1 place_id - unique identifier of the place 1.2 mac_address - mac address of the connected user device 1.3 redirect_url (callback url) 2. The domain of Wimedia service url should be added to walled garden list (unauthorized users can browse the domain).

3. When user connects to the wifi, in your captive portal you redirect the user to the service url described above (point 1).

Following is an example of the call


4. After point 3, redirected user will see an advertisement displayed by Wimedia.

5. In case user clicks on skip button or clicks on advertisement, we will redirect back the user by the redirect_url (point 1.3). At the end of the redirect_url (point 1.3) we will add a final destination parameter. Getting the callback from Wimedia you will grant internet access to the user and redirect the user to the final destination. In case final destination url is not included at the end of the redirect_url (1.3) you decide what is the final destination of the user. In regular cases user should be redirected to the original page that was trying to open before seeing the advertisement.

For example if you call


and user clicks on the advertisement of BMW, then user will be redirected to http://exampleapiclient.com/?final_destination=https://bmw.com/

The service url is currently for testing purposes. After testing, the url could be changed but the structure will remain the same.

For using our API you need to first obtain a key that will be used in requests. Please send us a direct message or send an email to info@wimedia.am and we will send you a test key for starting your testing.