Wi Media is a Wi-Fi advertising company based in Yerevan, Armenia. It was founded in 2015 by Eagma Technologies and Harutyun Nahapetyan. Wi-Media started their services in several Segafredo cafes and then quickly expanded to bigger and bigger capacities. Today our service is covering the most big wi-fi hotspots in Yerevan. That includes Airport Zvartnots, the Metropolitan, several big malls, public areas like Opera square and the Republic square, big universities, long route buses, hundreds of cafes, pubs and restaurants. In some of the places WiMedia provides the free internet itself, thus creating new opportunities for people.

Our goal is to create a global, trusted, effective advertising platform based on public Wi-Fi hotspots and in-depth proximity marketing strategies The platform is planned to be used by companies as well as single individuals The existing international solutions in the area are not efficient. You can’t upload an ad via any existing international wi-fi advertising system and be sure that it will automatically be shown to the relevant people, in the relevant places at correct time of the day. WiMedia’s goal is to change this in the world. We are constantly improving our intelligent ad distribution algorithm to show more relevant ads and we hope to reach even greater results in the near future.